Virtual Reality-Consulting

We are available to you as independent consultants

  • Information:
    We offer detailed knowledge of all relevant products and techniques on the market and an assessment of the feasibility of VR projects.

  • Conception, Planning:
    We are happy to support you in the conception and budgeting of your project.

  • Implementation, Project Management:
    On request we take over the entire project handling for you.

  • Arrangement:
    Depending on your needs, we provide a link to external production partners who develop complex applications or produce your vision.


Europe's first Virtual Reality Ghost Train

As with a traditional ghost train, two people board a real wagon moving through a two-story building. Instead of a ride complete with dolls, horror-props & effects, only one VR-Goggle per passenger is required to provide a high-quality & innovative audio-visual horror experience. VREI has participated in this project with the following achievements:

VR Hardware: Modification of standard hardware (Samsung Gear VR) to make it suitable for continuous commercial use

VR Software: Concept & project management for custom software development for Samsung Gear VR

VR Content: Mediation to a film production company specializing in 360° film

Live Mixed Reality Video Streaming

As a promotion for the HP "Omen" series VREI organized a virtual reality tournament. As a highlight, the gameplay was shown live in "Mixed Reality" for the Facebook livestream.

Emmi Trade Fair Booth

For a roadshow Emmi was looking for the perfect crowd puller. VREI provided the right developers for tailor-made software and provided personnel and equipment.

Florian Sam Bsc.

Florian Sam Bsc.

VREI founder and managing director has been working with Virtual Reality for many years. Benefit from his know-how and contact us today.

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