Virtual Reality Experience Rental

Rent your VR experience now! Professional and reliable

Virtual Reality Experience Rental

Rent your VR experience now! Professional and reliable

Rental of VR simulators and virtual reality experiences including current VR equipment with the right experience. We plan, deliver and install the setup on site. For this purpose, we provide trained expert staff for congresses, trade fairs, e-sports tournaments, company parties, conventions and events. Also at short notice, spontaneous and uncomplicated. Austria-wide and beyond Austria's borders.

How We Work

1. Planning

  • Personal planning talk
  • Pre-test the desired experience and hardware

2. Setup

  • Delivery to the event
  • Setup and calibration of the devices

3. Staffing

  • VR expert for on-site technical support
  • Trained promoters for customer service


Room-filling VR stations

Oculus Rift S / PC VR-System

To give your guests and attendees a perfect virtual reality experience, we use the best VR headsets and equipment available on the market. For this purpose, we recommend an approximately 3 x 3 m free space on which you can move freely and interact in the virtual environment by hand with his environment. Send your visitors on an unforgettable journey around the world, into fantastic worlds of games and creative excursions into the universe of art and museums. The field of application is now extremely diverse. In the preliminary discussion we clarify which experiences are particularly suitable for your event. We also have suitable options for professional use. We are happy to come to you and present current demos from the fields of industry, medicine, architecture and education in a presentation.

VR Racing Simulator

Full-Motion-Seat, VR-Headset / PC VR-System

Racing simulations on world-famous racetracks feel breathtakingly true with our motion cockpits. A photo-realistic depiction of the racetrack and the innumerable models of the various makes of car make not only racing fans cheer. The extremely compact full-motion seats simulate centrifugal forces and vibrations and are also a real crowd puller. When you book the Tournament Package, participants can race in pairs against each other on the racetrack and at the same time on the same track. This usually causes the adrenalin level to rise many times and remains in a special memory. The time is measured at the end of the laps and the best winners of the day can be determined for competitions at your event. Both cars and race tracks can be branded with your logo / corporate design, which will then be shown on a large screen using viewer mode from different camera angles!

VR Flight Simulator

Full-Motion-Seat, HP-Reverb VR-Headset / PC VR-System

The flight simulator is one of the most impressive VR simulations and gives the feeling of real flying. Using high-resolution VR goggles, you can see photorealistic and true-to-original cockpits, feel the tightness and functionality of a light aircraft, or experience the complexities of a jetliner's controls. Over 20 different types of aircraft are available. With the help of the YOKE control system and foot pedals, you can navigate through the skies while the moving seat generates the associated centrifugal forces. An impressive, highly realistic experience that can be learned in a matter of minutes and provides thrills in an aerobatic plane through the skyscraper gorges of New York or relaxing moments with a flight over the Grand Canyon or the Innsbruck Alps.

VR Parachute Jump Simulator

Exklusiver Custom Simulator, Oculus VR-Headset / PC VR-System

The simulator developed by an Austrian parachute trainer and the excellently programmed software was originally developed for training purposes for parachutist jumpers. Strapped to a real parachute harness and hanging freely in the air, you have the deceptively real feeling of dizzying heights to jump. Afterwards you steer authentically with two ropes in your hands the parachute to the landing field and receives at the end of an evaluation in the form of the exact meter details to the target point and attitude notes. A wind machine that enhances the feeling of free fall completes the extraordinary experience. This test of courage and the associated thrills are certainly a special highlight at your event. Ask about the possibility of "in-game branding" with your company logo!

VR Roller Coaster Simulator

Full Motion-Seat, Oculus VR-Headset / PC VR-System

The big attraction from the amusement park on 2 x 2 m: strapped to a full motion seat your guests a number of adrenaline-driving roller coasters, with and without loops available. A wind machine enhances the feeling of rapid driving. Again, we can guarantee that your guests experience a roller coaster of emotions and express this, often vociferously. When booking a Full Motion Seat, both the VR Roller Coaster and the VR Racing Simulator can be used alternately!

Mobile VR Stations

Oculus Go, Oculus Quest

Mobile VR glasses are wireless, inexpensive and independent of a PC VR system. Thus, they are ideally suited for a larger audience, at the same time e.g. 360 degree videos, 3D movies and promotion spots to show. Specially programmed interactive VR experiences can also be experienced with it. We also offer VR Content Production with innovative ideas.


Olivier Schaffer

Olivier Schaffer

VR expert since 2014, Olivier Schaffer advises you individually and competently. After more than 200 successful events, it also guarantees the smooth running of your event and allows you to jointly develop creative VR content.

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