Virtual Reality Experience Rental

Austria-wide - Professional and Reliable

We rent VR glasses and experiences including trained staff for trade fairs and corporate events. Of course we deliver to all austrian states without any complications.

How We Work

1. Planning

  • Personal planning talk
  • Pre-test the desired experience and hardware in the VREI VR-Café

2. Setup

  • Delivery to the event
  • Setup and calibration of the devices

3. Staffing

  • VR expert for on-site technical support
  • Trained promoters for customer service


Room-filling VR stations

Oculus Rift / HTC Vive

To provide your guests with a high-end virtual reality experience, we only use the best VR headsets available on the market. Currently these are the devices of the manufacturers Oculus and HTC. For the best possible gaming experience, we recommend a free space of up to 12sqm where you can move freely and interact with the virtual environment via handheld controllers. Send your visitors on a world tour and beyond. The field of application is very broad, we will gladly send you a current list of possible games and VR experiences.

VR Racing Simulator

Oculus Rift, Atomic A3 Motionseat

Racing simulations on world-famous racetracks feel breathtakingly real with our motion cockpits. The special motion seats simulate centrifugal forces and vibrations and are also a real eye-catcher. If you book two simulators, you can send the guests in pairs to the racetrack and race them against each other. This usually increases the adrenaline levels of the participants many times over and remains a very special memory. Both the vehicles and the racetracks can be branded with your logo / corporate design.

VR Flight Simulator

Oculus Rift, Atomic A3 Motionseat

The flight simulator gives the feeling of real flying. With VR goggles you sit in true-to-original cockpits, feel the narrowness and functionality of a jet fighter, or experience the complexity of a jet aircraft's faucets. With the modern HOTAS Throttle & Joystick control system you steer through the skies, while the moving seat generates the associated centrifugal forces. An impressive experience that promises high tension and goose bumps.

VR Parachute Jump Simulator

Oculus Rift, Custom Simulator

The simulator developed by an Austrian parachute trainer and the excellently programmed software, was originally developed for training purposes for parachutist jumpers. Strapped to a real parachute harness and hanging freely in the air, you have the deceptively real-looking feeling of dizzying heights to jump. A wind machine that enhances the feeling of free fall completes the extraordinary experience. This test of courage and the associated thrills are certainly a special highlight at your event.

VR Roller Coaster Simulator

Oculus Rift, Geko GS-105 Motionseat

The big fairground attraction on 2x2 meters: strapped to a motion seat your guests a number of adrenaline-driving roller coasters, with and without loops available. A wind machine enhances the feeling of rapid driving. Again, we can guarantee that your guests experience a roller coaster of emotions and express this, often loudly.

Mobile VR Stations

Oculus Go, Samsung GearVR

Mobile VR is wireless, independent from a computer, and typically requires only a seat where your guest can enjoy the VR experience. This makes them ideal for playing 360 ° - degree videos, 3D movies and other VR experiences.

VR-Content Produktion

Adapting existing software & Custom software

Link VR experiences even more closely to your brand by placing it in them. There are many different ways to do this in every price range. Depending on the requirements, we implement these solutions in-house or refer you to specialized partners.

Mixed Reality Videos

Live display, Streaming, Saving to thumb drive for customers

As a special highlight we offer the live generation of mixed reality videos. These are videos that show both the real person currently in a VR experience and this virtual environment. The videos can be made available to you and your guests in various ways, eg. be shared live on social media.


Olivier Schaffer

Olivier Schaffer

Employee of the first hour and VR expert, advises you individually and competently. He is responsible for all field operations and guarantees the smooth running of the event.

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