Dear guests and friends of the Vrei-Café!

Everything started with a simple idea: bringing the fascination of virtual reality closer to as many people as possible. In order to create a platform for this, we opened Europe's first VR Café in November 2015. It was our stated goal to make the new technology as accessible as possible - with good care, in a pleasant atmosphere. Even before the introduction of commercial VR glasses, guests in the AER got an impression of the virtual world. Soon we also had racing simulators and multiplayer games on offer, held events and competitions. Over the past four years we have been pleased to welcome more than 25,000 visitors.

At the same time, our range of B2B services has also developed. VREI provides VR equipment for trade fairs and events and manages VR team building. VR has grown up in recent years. Many Austrians have personal VR experience or have their own VR headset. Companies use VR and use it as a useful tool in the context of digitization. So Virtual Reality has arrived in the minds, living rooms and businesses and is here to stay.

All of these developments also had an impact on vrei media GmbH. For a long time, the VR Café had to fight with low visitor numbers and low turnover. Unfortunately, this trend has meant that we had to close the VR Café. In the form of VR Business Services, VREI is now available in a new form and quality for corporate clients and project inquiries.

We want to thank you for the wonderful community and many pleasant hours in the VR Café
We look forward to continuing to serve you well with our VR Business Services.

Your VREI team