Virtual-Reality Teambuilding & Incentive

at the VREI VR-Café

Virtual-Reality Teambuilding & Incentive

at the VREI VR-Café

The Teambuilding Innovation on the Market: For our Virtual Reality teambuilding we use selected experiences that require cooperation and are a lot of fun. The offer is complemented by an entertaining presentation on VR, which gives your employees an insight into the technology of the future.


Duration: 2,5 hours
Included is:

  • 15 miuntes Presentation about VR: History, Outlook and Opportunities (15 minutes)

  • 3 Team-Experiences for all participants

  • 2 drinks per participant (eg coffee, soft drinks or speciality beers)


Starting at 60€*

*per person; excl. VAT
Number of participants 4 to 24 persons
smaller or larger groups on request

Virtual Reality Teambuiling Experiences

Three 30-minute Teamwork VR Experiences

Experience 1: Keep talking and nobody explodes

  • Gear VR
  • Oculus Go

In this VR experience, a bomb must be defused under time pressure. The main player wearing VR glasses sees the bomb - but nothing else. The players outside own the defuse handbook. A constant dialogue is a prerequisite: what does the bomb look like, what kind of switches and cables are installed, etc. Good communication skills and cooperation are required. All under time pressure, because the seconds tick ..

Experience 2:

Here you can choose between multiple experiences. We are happy to advise you which is best suited for your team and your requirements.

Arizona Sunshine

  • HTC Vive Pro

Our most popular VR game: in Arizona Sunshine you take on the zombie apocalypse together. The graphically appealing game requires teamwork and backing each other - while beeing so immersive that you'll forget everything around you.

3D Activity

  • HTC Vive Pro

The well-known game in which you have to draw concepts, but significantly harder: you have no sheet of paper, but an empty space in which you can draw three-dimensionaly. In addition, the painter does not see the others and thus can not give any signals. Perfect for practicing informative communication.

Batter up!

  • HTC Vive Pro

In this game, try yourself as a virtual restaurateur. Many customers want to be served at the same time, have different requirements and little time. Does this sound familiar to you? ;-) In this highly entertaining, funny VR game, good communication is the key to success.


No offer fits, or you have got other ideas? We will help you to find the perfect offer.

Experience 3: VR-Racing

  • Motion Simulator
  • Oculus Rift

Experience a Trackday together like on the real racetrack. Never drove a McLaren over the Red Bull Ring? Now is your chance. Measured with laser technology and accurate to the nearest millimeter the simulation will put you on the most famous racetracks in the world. Start from the pits to get the best lap time and test the limits of the virtual racecar.


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Francesca Herr

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