Virtual Reality Team­building

Virtual Reality Team­building

Why VR-Team­building?

  • playfully break down emotional barriers towards digitization

  • opportunity for employer branding with a futuristic touch

  • low-level access to VR Tools for employees of any age

  • It’s a lot of fun!

What is VR-Team ­building?

  • The number of participantes is scalable: For small 4-person teams or large events, such as corporate events

  • The experiences can be of your choice and can be adapted to your needs

  • Optionally, we provide a VR lecture on the current state and the future of the technology

Experience Options

For a teambuilding multiple experiences can be selected. We will gladly assist you to put together your perfect event.

Defuse bombs

  • puzzle game

  • communication in the team

  • analytical thinking


  • moving VR racing simulators

  • drive on real life racing tracks

  • the need for speed

Zombie Apocalypse

  • VR shooter game

  • collaboration in stressful situations

  • dexterity

Virutal Bakery

  • dexterity

  • coordination of parallel tasks

  • communication

3D Activity

  • party game

  • paint in three-dimensional space

  • abstract thinking


VR experience, tailored to the topic of your event or the field of activity of your company

Location of Your Choice

  • experiences: Adjusting the VR experiences and process specific to your needs

  • VR equipment: Depending on the number of participants and the desired experiences, we provide the necessary VR equipment

  • participants: as needed

  • duration: Customizable, typically: 2-3h

Quality is important to us:

  • All VR stations are supervised by experienced staff and are always available for assistance

  • Each guest experiences multiple VR experiences and has enough time to get comfortable with the matter

  • We use powerful computers and only state-of-the-art VR headsets to make the virtual world shine


Olivier Schaffer

Olivier Schaffer

VR expert since 2014, Olivier Schaffer advises you individually and competently. After more than 200 successful events, it also guarantees the smooth running of your event and allows you to jointly develop creative VR content.

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